Course curriculum

    1. We're So Glad to Have You, Welcome!

    2. We're here to help!

    3. Copyright and Usage

    4. Welcome to the world of eyebrows!

    5. List of All Brow Services One Can Offer

    6. An overview of PMU tools

    7. The difference between selling $50 brows and $800 brows

    8. Licensing and Regulations to Becoming a Complete Brow Master

    1. Vision for client

    2. Let’s Pause and Do the Math

    3. Plan a Guide for Yourself and Your Client

    4. People Pay For Experiences and Feelings

    1. What Makes a Brow Nice? Golden Ratio?

    2. Trend VS. Classic Brow

    1. All Brow Tools Needed Setup and Unboxing

    2. Practice Shape Grooming

    3. Demonstration #1

    4. Brow Mapping Method

    5. Henna Brow Aftercare and Follow Up

    6. Henna Application Tips

    7. Your Turn to Do Some Brows!

    1. How to Price Your Henna Service

    2. Social Media Platforms

    3. If No One Saw It, It Didn’t Happen. Make Every Client Count

    4. Up-Sell, Up-Sell, Up-Sell!

    5. Do the Math and Meet Your Current Goals

    6. Create Bigger Future Goals and Grow after You Succeed

    7. Final Project to Get Certified in Henna Brows!

    8. Continued Support and Resources

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